A 6th generation native of Otsego County, retired from 21 years of service in the United States Military looking to put his leadership and complex problem solving skills to work and give back to the County that he has loved since he was born.


Tim Walker for Otsego- Our Story.

As we head into the last weekend before election day, my "closing argument" to everyone is simply this. From the old friends to the new, I have found great inspiration in your stories, thoughts, and ideas, as well as the outpouring of support, all which mean quite a lot to me. I WILL work for my all of my friends and neighbors here in Otsego to get the results that we need and deserve. My 20+ years of military service taught me that two things are very important to success: dedication and communication. I promise to be dedicated, as I have been for over 50 years, to Otsego and my duties as a representative. I will communicate to you, my fellow board members and the local governments in a timely and effective manner. I will Keep Taxes Low. Protect the tax cap. Lead a Countywide charge against Lyme Disease. Stand up for our Veterans. Hold the Line on Spending. Listen. COMMUNICATE.I am a 6th generation Otsegan I would be honored to have your vote this Tuesday, November 7th. With your vote on election day, our story continues. With your vote, we WILL work together for a better Otsego! GET OUT AND VOTE!SHARE WITH ALL YOUR FRIENDS!!!Most Sincerely,Timothy J. Walker 👍🏼

Posted by Tim Walker for County Representative on Saturday, November 4, 2017

"Our Story."