Veterans Resource Fair Hosted by Congressman Faso in Otsego County a HUGE Success!

Todays Veterans Resources Fair hosted by Congressman John Faso was a HUGE success! The room was packed from open to close and with 20+ tables there was PLENTY to see and learn. I had the honor of discussing Veterans Issues with the Congressman and am excited to get to work as your County Rep putting all these resources to work for the Veterans of Otsego County. As a veteran myself, I even got some valuable information and answers to questions I had. As Veterans, our number one resource in the county is Jack Henson, the Director of Otsego County Veterans Affairs, whom I have had countless discussions with on how to make things better and easier for Veterans in our County. Every time I needed help with anything related to my Benefits or Retirement, Jack is always their and always has an answer. As a fellow Veteran and former VFW County Council Commander, I am solely the most qualified to ensure that Veterans are represented on the County Board. Working for you and with you, together for a better Otsego! (PS: Check out photos below!)
-Tim Walker👍🏼

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