With 12 more days till election day, I will continue to take my candidacy to each and every doorstep in Otsego! When I made the decision to run for County Representative, it had nothing to do with politics or power and everything to do with the love for my home of over 50 years. Otsego has been the home of my family for over 200 years. No matter where my military service took me, Cooperstown and Fly Creek remained my permanent home. Taking the time to go around to all of you, talking to my friends and my neighbors only affirmed and strengthened my resolve to work as hard as I could to make sure that we all have a County Representative that works together with the County Board for solutions that benefit us, not against them, alienating himself from any productive resolutions. As your County Representative, I will make sure you know what is going on in your Government. Communication means FACE TO FACE not just on Facebook. I plan on hosting regular Constituent meetings in both Cooperstown and Fly Creek to give everyone a chance to speak to me, ask questions, and get a brief on what your Board is doing. I WILL attend Town and Village meetings because, unlike my opponent, I do not believe they are unnecessary. Communication doesn’t end with the people, it is essential between all levels of local Government. As I learned in the military, and as we have seen time and time again with our current representative, when communication fails, things go downhill quickly. I look forward to continuing my door to door communication with all of you, I hope I can look forward to your vote on November 7th and I look forward to serving as your County Representative. Working for you, and with you, Together For A Better Otsego!
Tim Walker 👍🏼

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