County Representative Ed Frazier Endorses Tim Walker

A Letter From County Rep. Ed Frazier:
Since I first met Tim Walker early this year he has been tirelessly working to get elected as the District 8 representative to the Otsego County Board of Representatives.  He has attended many meetings and focus group gatherings to learn and to share focal points. He attended the county fair, the Veterans resources fair, numerous other community events/fairs and knocked on hundreds of his constituents doors to meet them and learn their concerns and share his vision with them. Tim is tirelessly working to earn the votes needed to be elected the District 8 Representative. He recognizes how necessary it is to build support for his candidacy one vote at a time. Understanding how to build consensus is crucial to moving projects and legislation thru our county committee system. This knowledge and experience will serve Tim well once he is elected to office. District 8’s current representative has not mastered that concept and it is truly a disservice to those that he represents.
Vote for Tim on November 7th. He will continue to work hard daily for his constituents. His leadership capability and work ethic will help keep our great county moving forward!
Ed Frazier
 District 1

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